Teachers in Europe


I support Mika' s canditacy,bcs he has worked and created the open green minds of students,teachers,politicans  in every part of the world .He dosn't know to give up,but  goes on with full of love and positiv energy for every body and green earth.

Ina Kasimati, teacher
ENO Albania Coordinator


Inspiration and action

Manuela Valecz
head of kindergarten


Mika Vanhanen is a creator of ENO, its leader and soul. His devotion to the idea of better environment and his boundless enthusiasm inspire thousands of people to work together. Mika spends a lot of time and energy on making serious global problems easily comprehensible to children. He is a very talented teacher who knows how to involve children in fascinating activities and make them believe they can make a difference in the world. His virtual environmental school with full schedule and detailed plans for every week deserves high praise and support of people whose job is bringing up future generations.

Mika Vanhanen has a gift for organizing global events. He gives a sign and people all over the world start planting trees or marching with frogs at the same time or come to Joensuu to meet virtual schoolmates in real life and share experience.  Three of my students and I are lucky to know this noble man personally. Thanks to Mika we attended Joensuu Way 2009 and we watched him working. He works in a team of friends (former students) and colleagues with no haste but with great concentration. As a result everything goes right and everyone feels comfortable. Joensuu Way 2009 is a great success!

Incredible creativity, firm determination to strive for better life on the planet and exceptional ability to inspire people make Mika Vanhanen the best among others.

Tatyana Stefanyuk, 
Gymnasium 12,
Minsk, Belarus


Dear Mme/Sir, I am glad to recommend Mr. Mika Vanhanen, coordinator of "ENO - Environment On Line"(http://www.joensuu.fi/eno/basics/briefly.htm)

What he did/does for education is of enormous importance world wide. Environmental protection through tree planting is a great example how children can work together in peace and friendship.
We need more people like him if we want protect the earth and all 'living beings'. Often governments take no initiative or wait to long  to make the difference…

What a teacher he is!!! Please give him this award! 
He really earns it!

Kind regards,

Lieven Van Parys, ICT-Coordinator and teacher, Meulebeke,  Belgium.
Lieven Van Parys
Moerasstraat 11
8760 Meulebeke


I really apreciate his energy and love to nature.

Snejanka Barbolova
Biology teacher


I strongly beleive that Mr Mika Vanhanen has to get the award of Champion of the Earth 2011 beacuse he had got this wonderful idea of bringing people together and he worked effectively these 10 years in order thousands of teachers and students to accept and work on his vission.

Head teacher


To whom it may concern, 

I had the pleasure of first meeting Mika Vanhanen at the 2008 edition of the Science Festival in Joensuu, Finland, an event which gathered several thousand students from all over the world. Mr. Vanhanen is the organizer of this, by now, annual global educational event for schools.

In 2008, the European Environment Agency, a European Union body where I am responsible for environmental education, was looking for an international event to launch its educational website for kids.  It should be noted that Joensuu is a small Finnish town located closer to the Russian border than the Finnish capital city, Helsinki, through which all visitors had to pass to get to the SciFest event.  As such, there was a degree of skepticism as to the international dimension of the event during which the website was to be launched.  All doubts dissipated at the event’s opening ceremony, which gathered teachers and students from places as far away as Iran and Taiwan!  

This exemplifies Mr. Vanhanen’s strength and capacity in rallying support and interest in the cause for environmental and science education.  Since then, I have been privileged in witnessing his dedication to the ENO Tree Planting Campaign for which he cleverly employs social media tools to garner following and support.  Not a day goes by without seeing his actions and enthusiasm expressed on the pages of Facebook, among others. He is truly an inspiration in what one man can do to further an important cause. He is an advocate of positive change, individual action, and solidarity among local and global communities alike.

It came as no surprise to learn that Mr. Vanhanen was nominated for UNEP’s Champion of the Earth award and it is an honor to be able to support his well-deserved nomination. For further information, I remain at your disposal at the below coordinates. 


Karolina Slowinska
Project manager

Education, web and multimedia
European Environment Agency
Kongens Nytorv, 6

1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark


ENO program and virtual school is one of the best examples how  to improve  environmental thinking, Mika Vanhanen has been motivating leader for lot of different actions, has done a tremendous job.

Maidu Varik
ENO Estonia Coordinator


"Mika is a creative, courageous, astonishing force of the good with tremendous perseverance and determination."

Esa Saarinen, professor of applied philosophy, Helsinki University of Technology

Letter of Recommendation:

 Mika Vanhanen, ENO-global virtual school for Sustainable Development
UNEP Champions of the Earth, Inspiration and Action -category

ENO-Environment Online, a global virtual school for sustainable development, has been running since year 2000. It has had participants from 150 countries, allowing thousands of students to take part in its programmes. A vital part of this inventive and forward-looking network has been innovative leadership: the founder and a current leader of the school, Mr. Mika Vanhanen.

ENO-virtual school is active on broad front linked to sustainable development and raising student's awareness on environmental matters. I find it extremely important that public as well as private actors support environmental education as a basis for increased awareness of the vulnerabilities of our environment and the importance of sustainable development.

The basic principle of the ENO -virtual school is to involve and introduce children and youngsters into environmental thinking and acting. It is very important that children have a say in how to construct and design solutions that will have a great impact on their future. "Learning by doing" gives students a possibility to concretely see how their actions have an impact on their environment.

One of the biggest challenges to swift and determined action to fight climate change is psychological resistance to thorough change. The work Mr. Vanhanen is doing through ENO-virtual school is an important part of pushing our society into a more sustainable and low-carbon path of development.

 Thus I would warmly recommend Mr. Vanhanen as this year's Champions of the Earth's Inspiration and Action -category.

Sirpa Pietikäinen

Member of the European parliament
Member of the Committee for Environment, public health and food safety

Master of Pedagogy   Mika Vanhanen, ENO , Finland 

Mika Vanhanen has made it possible, what no-one  would have been able to imagine. From a lonely region of Eastern-Finland he has  created an international network of thousands of children to implement our ethical responsibility  for survival of forest, for survival of lungs of our planet. This kind of initiatives  and  skill to  implement  the ideas give us hope, that it is possible to change  the consciousness of  citizens  of the world  towards  a new common  responsibility  for the  planet. I assess his work as  a symbolfor the survival  of the earth. 

I highly appreciate his contribution for sustainable  development and  global ethic and recommend him to receive “Champions of the Earth” Award .  

Reijo E. Heinonen
Professor of Theology  of the University of Joensuu  emeritus
Golden Rule Award 2009 of “Faiths without Borders” and “United Religions Initiative “


A testimonial for Mika Vanhanen 

The grounder of the ENO Environment Online, A global virtual school for sustainable development, Mika Vanhanen has done excellent work to increase the awareness of environmental issues all over the world. In the virtual school, which he is coordinating work schools in over 120 countries focusing in the same environmental theme and delivering the knowledge to other participants in the virtual school. The themes support education for sustainable future in all its dimensions. Children learn to understand other cultures as well as the relationships between human and nature. Participants are very enthusiastic about the global school. 

Through education Mika Vanhanen has a great significance in many countries to the environmental practices. Without his continuous inspiring action with the coordination of the global school we should not know as much about the lives in the other countries and the environments in these countries. I warmly recommend the choice of Mika Vanhanen to be one of the laureates of the Champions of the Earth Awards, especially in the category Inspiration&Action.  

Tuula Keinonen
Professor in Education
University of Eastern Finland
Department of Applied Education

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

 Mr. Mika Vanhanen has worked very hard to empower students and teachers all over the world to act for the environment. Mr Vanhanen has developed a study programme for a network of schools that allows children and adults in very different environments to learn to appreciate their local environment - and at the same time truly feel part of a global community. I warmly recommend him as the receiver of this year's Champion of the Earth prize for Inspiration and Action.

 Sincerely Yours,

 Satu Hassi
Member of the European Parliament

A Testimonial for Mr. Mika Vanhanen

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am pleased to note that UNEP has once again declared a competition for its Champions of the Earth Awards. It therefore gives me great pleasure to warmly support the candidacy of Mr. Mika Vanhanen, the founder of the ENO- Environment Online virtual school and network for sustainable development and environmental awareness for the Champions of the Earth Award relating to Inspiration and Action.

During the last decade, Mr. Vanhanen has devoted his energies and talent to developing the activities of the ENO- Environment Online network. Thousands of schools in more than 120 countries have benefitted from this innovative endeavour. A graduate of the University of Joensuu’s Faculty of Education, Mr. Vanhanen has also played a key role in the development of the Joensuu SciFest, launched in March 2007 and organised annually by our Department of Computer Science and Statistics. The purpose of this festival is to encourage children and youngsters to take an interest in Science, Technology and the Environment.

As a Partner University of UNEP, the University of Joensuu has been enormously pleased with the achievements of Mr. Vanhanen and of the example that he has set to his colleagues at schools throughout the world. By his achievements, Mr. Vanhanen has brought great honour to our university and to Eastern Finland.

Yours respectfully,

Perttu Vartiainen

University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu


Dear Sir Madam

I want to express my support to Mika Vanhanen aa a candidate for Champions of the Earth by UNEP, in the category "Inspriration and action."

His work is an inspiration for us all and he became a good example for us to start  thinking and work on enviromental issues especially in my town,After 3 years of work with him more and more people and more and more students want to work in ENO programmme and especially in planting trees.

The most amazing is how he manages to contact us any time we ask for issuss concernig work
so all of us support him and we ll be very happy if he ll win

Plevra Eleni
3rd High School of Polichni


We are a group of High School teachers from Rome and we are engaged in Eno project run by Mika Vanhanen for many years. We have appreciated  his high competence and skills in sending us all kind of materials and his suggestions to work on. It has been also a good chance for us to work in team with other teachers and to take a part on the web, an exciting experience for our students. We can only thank Mika Vanhanen for  all this. That’s why we  support his nomination as a candidate for Champions of the Earth by UNEP, in the category "Inspiration and action"..


I.T.C. “G. Salvemini”

Via Sommovigo, 40




I testimony the great value of Mika's job by means of the results on my students. They learn a lot in terms of correct environmental behaviour while doing excellent learning activities which teach how to cooperate. And all this has one great mind behind. Mika has given us the opportunity to teach in a different way and make our students effectively and visibly aware of their environmental committment.
They are real protagonists and spread what they learn to their families and territory. Thanks, MIka!

Alessandra Cannelli
teacher, ict coordinator, etutor.
 eTwinning Ambassador and pedagogical advisor


I am Rasma Stuokiene, an English teacher from Lithuania. I have been participating in ENO projects with my pupils since 2007. We have to thank for this opportunity to Mika who is an outstanding personality, being able to monitor a global online network of schools and propagating active effort against global warming. To my mind, he is worth the award since he raises the awareness among young generation that is responsible for our future and does this in a very attractive, innovative way.


I am writing to express my wish to see Mr Mika Vanhanen's great job for the Protection of the Environment recognized by its value and to receive the prize of Champions of the Earth by UNEP. I have been working with Mika Vanhannen since 2007 and I've witnessed his value. I am a teacher in the centre of Portugal. I've met him at the OECD Conference in Helsinki in October 2008. I am sure that his work has been improving the quality of LIFE in the WORLD. My great wish is to see his work recognized.

Thank you very much

Isabel Serra

I'm a teacher in the north of Portugal. I have been work with Mika vanhanen since 2008, but I  believe Mr. Mika deserves it because he really acts as a champions of the Earth. He has an exemplified leadership, vision and action for the environment.  He has been encouraging people all over the world to be aware about the environment using the internet, as a resource,  to connect people all around the world.

We need more people like him if we want protect the earth and all 'living beings'. Please give him this award! He really earns it!

From Portugal
Fernanda Freitas

Dear Mika,

Your programme was like a drop of rain in a dry leaf. You've made us do " what's necessary and what's possible" . Thank you for your commitment in the earth's causes. Thanks to you we now are more aware and prepared to help. We wish you win the Earth Award- you really deserve it!

Best wishes

Leonor Marques (Escola Secundária de Vilela-Portugal)


Dear all!

It is a big pleasure to nominate a person who is working more than 10 years on environmental protection's field. I am very glad to express my impressions of his work. He ,,touched" so many teachers and students with his enthusiasm. He inspired me to work on developing and promotion of environmental protection, since I met him.

I am one of the teachers who did so many things under ENO program, which is lead by Mr. Mika Vanhanen. He did a miracle! He connected the skin colours, religions, ages, knowledge in one, in ENO. This bound is so strong because the love to our nature is common for all of us, the ENO-s.

I do believe that he is deserving a world recognition for his dedicated work, and that YOU WILL BELIEVE IT, TOO!

Best regards

Natalija Aceska
ENO EUROPE coordinator
Lenin 122
Prilep, Macedonia


Mika represent a model for our students, for their parents and for other teachers. Thanks to him, the planet did put more green on it's surface! 
I also support the nomination of Mika Vanhanen as a candidate for the 'Champion of the Earth 2011' competition!
Good luck for all of us!

Mr. Daniel Lozba-Stirbuleac
Scoala Horlesti-Rediu
Iasi, Romania

Dear Mme/Sir I am glad to support the nomination of Mika Vanhanen as a candidate for Champion of the Earth 2011. I really appreciate all the efforts he has made till now to make a better life on the whole Earth. In recent years, the ENO Programme has attracted many schools from all over the world to participate in its activities.
I am proud of belonging to the large ENO family because of his devotion and determination to fight for a better environment and more sustainable future. 
I do believe that he is deserving a world recognition for his dedicated work to save the planet and to fight against the global warming.

Nela Rusu
teacher "Ion Creanga" School

Mika is a real person to receive this prize for his work dedicated to save the planet and to fight against the global warming.

Gioconda Neamt
ENO teacher

Dear Sir / Madam 

I'm glad I was able to recommend and support with all the heat application MIKA Mr Vanhanen, coordinator ENO-Environment program for CHAMPION AWARD OF EARTH.

Perhaps the earth could be saved if there were such people as Mr Mika. People who care about them the future of our planet, our children's future. Actions that we develop through this program our students on-line help save the planet and at the same time the formation of responsible citizen. Think globally and act locally is the motto for the purpose of educating the young generation in the spirit of love for nature and mankind. The topics presented, planting trees, drop life are solutions to acute problems faced by countries around the world: climate change, global warming, water resources, forests and endangered species. 

Mr. Mika is the glue of the Earth needs to survive. Glue that connects people to save Earth. Or, why not, is one of his angels. I can say that is supported by all responsible citizens of the city of Iasi and Romania.  So, Mr. Mika Vanhanen has to be one of the champions of the Earth Award! 

teacher Alecu Russo School

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I am one of teachers who did so many things under ENO program,  he inspire me to work on developing and promotion of environmental protection.

Mika Vanhanen has made it possible, what no-one  would have been able to imagine, he has  created an international network of thousands of children to implement our ethical responsibility  for survival of forest, for survival of lungs of our planet.

My and my students highly appreciate his contribution for sustainable  development and  global ethic and recommend him to receive “Champions of the Earth” Award . 

Dancila Alina
" Silviu Carpinisianu" School

Sebes, Romania

We are happy that we had the privilege to participate in activities organized by Mr Mika : planting of trees accompanied the game and song , climate change activities.I had the opportunity to learn from him several methods of teaching environmental education : practical activities, plays, creating posters and essays. I had the opportunity to learn from him how to use various ICT facilities too.

Mr. Mika was still a person with a wealth of valuable ideas in terms of environmental issues and sustainable development organization.I think Mr. Mika is a champion of the Earth.

Ms. Anamaria Golumbeanu
Professor of mathematics
Head of Science Department
Chief of the Evaluation and quality assurance of education committee
School no 14 "Ion Tuculescu", Craiova, Romania

Dear Sir/Madame,

Peace, responsability, talent, cooperation, inspiration are only a few words that characterize the whole work of Mr.Mika.Above all, a true sincere dedication for nature and environment.

He succeeded in all his actions because he really believes in what he says,and what is very important,he doesn't just talk,but ACTS! He convinced so many people,teenagers and adults all over the world that environment is vital and only together we can save the planet.

His message is spread in so many ways,his songs became our students'favourites and it;s easier for them to understand.

We,the Sports High School, Iasi-Romania really appreciate Mr,Mika's  good work and we strongly support his candidature for the Champion of the Earth Award.

Iasi,8th November
Teacher Alina Suna
The Sports High School Iasi

From my point of view,MIKA is our  ENO "angel"coming on the earth for healing the environment of the whole world!A very strong person,a UNIQUE one,who coordinates thousands of teachers,for an universal "cause"!I appreciate MIKA from all my heart,for all his activity and hard-working for many years!He deserves a big prize,like NOBEL PRIZE for such a UNIQUE WORK for the world!

Mrs.Cornelia Alexandru-Braila,Romania

I'm CARMEN OLTEANU, from Rasinari-Romania and I acn congratulate me to join your project since 2006. The play Drops of life at my school was the first public issue on the subject of ,the environmental problems and also was the first step in order to act, act and act untill things will be better for our life on this earth.. Me and my staff and also students are all very motivated and pleased to work together with you and the whole gropu you succed to make all over the world.


It is amazing how Mika can connect people and schools from all over the world. Environmental problems are becoming more serious in our days when the world is threatened by so many dangers. Mika’s activity to make the world a “better place”, his devotion to this cause and his amazing “power” to make us act for the same cause and connect people make him a real model. I wish him good luck in this activity!

 Gabriela Barca, ESL teacher 
Sibiu, Romania

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen

We have learned from Mr Mika Vanhanen that we could not have a happy planet only if we take care of it by protecting the environment with all that it means, by respecting the nature and leave it safe for the next generations.

Now, I want to say, like other participants to Mr Mika Vanhanen's projects, that he had done a great job for the Protection of the Environment recognized by its value and he deserve to receive the *Champions of the Earth* prize.

Have a beautiful day!

Oana Pentea
Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr. 2 Timisoara

Dear Sir/Madam

Mika Vanhanen is coordinator of ENO and send us un invitation to ENO Tree Planting Day -2008.Thanks to him ,we planted 20 threes in the yard of our school: Scoala Generala nr.31 Brasov-Romania. Mika send us many messages about climate changes,three planting day,songs translated in our language. Mika Vanhanen mobilises many students and theachers around the world to act upon environmental issues through ENO activities.

Therefore I support Mika Vanhanen ,coordinator of ENO for Champion Award of Earth.

Teacher Giossanu Adriana Tatiana


Dear Madam/Sir,

Mr. Vanhanen has been nominated as candidate for  Champions of the Earth 2011.

I strongly recommend him for this award because he really acts as a champion of the Earth. He is a coordinator of ENO Programme, which connects online children, young people, teachers and other adults all over the world. We joined this programme in 2007 with the “tree planting” event. Since then awareness of environmental issues has grown among all the pupils in our school and their families. We recycle more, try to save water, electricity.

For me ENO is of great importance, because we can see that our local problems are really global and that there are hundreds of teachers teaching children how to help to save our planet. And all this is because of Mr. Vanhanen and his dedicatiom for environment and love for people and nature.

He really is the right person to have this award.

Yours faithfully

Veronika Špaková
ENO teacher
Poprad, Slovakia


A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen from Slovenia

Slovene ENO teachers believe Mr Mika Vanhanen is the best possible choice for the reward Champion of the World!

Mr Mika Vanhanen is a living proof that everything is possible and that every human being is needed if we want to make a change! Now when we feel that the world and all its values are falling apart the children of the Earth deserve all our firmness, strength and above all – our sincere belief that we know what we are doing and where we are going. To be a teacher has always been a spiritual privilege but now the teachers from all over the world often feel we're drowning in an ocean of insignificant and bureaucratic work which weakens us and draws us away from our most important mission – opening the children's eyes and touching their hearts.

Mika Vanhanen with his vision, knowledge, artistic approach, his charisma and above all – his heart, is constantly proving that only the sky is the limit! He's returning us to simple and sincere methods but at the same time gently forces us to use them in combination with new technologies. He teaches us that the world needs every single human being but that we have to step together, because no-one manages alone. He's constantly reminding us that the art is the strongest weapon! He is proving that the words are precious only if they're followed by actions. With him we are aware that we are responsible for our acting – and also for not acting! His colleagues ENO teachers believe him and we know that he believes in us – this makes us invincible! How else could we plant thousands of trees and reach such goals as we did? With him we are part of the solution and not part of the problem!

Teachers of the world need him because he's the captain of our crew. The children need devoted teachers and the Earth needs happy children.

And you? What do you need?

Best regards,  
Darinka Orel,  
National ENO coordinator for Slovenia 
OŠ Polhov Gradec, Polhov Gradec 95, 1355 Polhov Gradec, Slovenia

Mika is the best. Full of positive anergy sharing it to all people who wont to help our world, sharing how love trees, how to make students feel good doing the best for our future.Important doing global and local.

He is singing, playing, tallking, teaching, organize ... more such people can change the world. Teachers from all around will help.

He must get a reward.

Lilijana Skubic
ENO teacher


Letter of Appreciation

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen at ENO – organization in Finland. 

I am chairperson of the internationally operating Life-Link Friendship-Schools program, that now involves 650 schools in 80 countries all continents.www.life-link.org  

The Life-Link program promotes concrete peace/care actions to be performed by students at and around their schools, with the aim of bringing youth world-wide into awareness and constructive behaviour for Society and Planet Sustainability.

One of the popular actions that are performed by many classes world-wide is Tree Planting, connected to Biology and Social studies. 

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Mr Mika Vanhanen from Finland and the ENO-program as an inspiration for the Life-Link action on Tree Planting. Life-Link will be glad to continue the collaboration with ENO and Mr Vanhanen, at least during the second half of the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014 as declared by UNESCO. 

Uppsala Sweden  
Hans Levander

Chairperson Life-Link


He has put great work and effort in planting trees and enviromental activities all over the world.Thanks to his hard work I wish him to receive this award.

Mrs. Beste Erbak
French teacher

Dear Madam/Sir,

In today's world I think environmental issues are the most important subjects. So many people still don't have or take attention how major challenges the human being face to. To create the awareness of this issue, teachers take part in very important role. I strongly believe that ENO succeeds taking attention of so many people. There are so many teachers from different countries works for creating awareness of environmental matters. These teachers gathered together thanks to ENO.

The idea of creating pedagocial platform about environmental issues is totally great. For me ENO has a major important meaning. After I met ENO, my awareness about environment also increased. Thanks to ENO me and my students planted over 200 trees. We started to pay attention recycling. Last year my school became well-known about environmental activities. For me I had chance to meet so many colleagues from different countries. I took part twice ENO meeting in Finland. In this meeting I had chance to find a Comenius partner and now we're doing Comenius project about environment and culture.

Mika Vanhanen is the one of the most hardworking teacher that I have ever met. He's the person who created the ENO and works for it very hard. His contributions to education of environment are priceless. I would like to say him my best regards and wishes. He really deserves to have the award of Champions of Earth.

Best wishes...
Asli Tehmen Sari
Batisoke Cimento Primary School