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Dear Sir or Madam:

Mr Mika Vanhanen is an educator and musician, with enormous environmental consciousness to the point that 10 years ago had the vision to create the ENO-Environment Online (www.enoprogramme.org), our current virtual school teachers and students who participated in almost everyone. 

Thanks to his extraordinary vision I can tell you that I have virtual friends in nearly 90 countries by skype my students interact with students from several countries and this helps them to establish bonds of friendship, understanding environmental problems and above all beginning to TAKE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS and change their habits. 

Thanks to the environmental vision of Mika today in many parts of the world are studying environmental issues from another perspective, with interviews, we generated our own materials on our local problems, we share, discuss and seek solutions together. So there are always creative ideas that motivate both teachers and students to raise awareness of the environment and habits change. For these reasons I think that Mika is a Champion of the Earth.

I send my comments on the work performed by Mika and the reasons why I believe it is a Champion of the Earth

Best regards.

Ana Prieto
ENO Argentina
CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica
Ruta 61 - Km. 10
8371 Junin de los Andes - ARGENTINA


Mr. Vanhanen has been nominated as candidate for  Champions of the Earth 2011, in the category Inspiration and Action


I strongly believe  Mr. Mika deserves it because he really acts as a  champions of the Earth. He has an exemplified leadership, vision and action for the environment.  He has been encouraging people all over the world to be aware about the environment using the internet, as a resource,  to connect people all around the world.  Furthermore he not only thinks about it  but he puts into practice, in action. This programme envolves children, young people and adults and elderly people too,  as one community. If you read the word ENO backwards, you will find out the word ONE. In this community we feel like a team or a global family that has in mind one common problem to be solved.


I  strongly recommend Mr. Vanhanen for this  award and recognition . 
Dulce Pazinato Casarin 


"Mika Vanhanen is a true champion for environmental education and has been an inspiration to thousands of educators and students around the world for many years.  His longstanding commitment to sustainability and ensuring generations of youth have opportunities for awareness and informed involvement is truly admirable" .

Jennifer Corriero,

TakingIT Global

Jennifer Corriero
Co-Founder, Executive Director
19 Duncan Street, Suite 505
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3H1
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Inspire. Inform. Involve.


With no hesitation I fully support Mr Mika Vanhanen as candidate for Champions of the Earth 2011, in the category Inspiration and Action.

As part of Center AquaSendas, a local community cultural center in Chile, we have been able to connect our public-school students to other students in the world since the year 2000, when we joined the ENO project for the first time.

It was the great vision of Mika that opened up the minds of our kids to dream about a more sustainable, closer and more friendly world.


Luis A. Pinto,PhD
Education & Public Outreach Coordinador
Concepcion, CHILE

We Fully support Mika for this award.
His leadership has inspired us to help our planet earth.
From Arica, Chile we have carried out the activities proposed by Mika.
 It has always been in contact with all schools in the world regardless of the time.
His concern for the world has enabled us to move forward without stopping.
We carried out activities planting tree each year,  because  we  are with Mika and next with teachers of the world

Gladys Hernández Parra
Profesora de Biología
Magister en educación 
FONE 56-58-223924
CEL 09-98495549


From Dominican Republic, Miguel Jose Coradin principal of San Jose Obrero School, I had a couple of opportunities  to work on line with Mika, organizing events for ecological groups, all over the planet, responding fast and direct, every question is important. I can say that he´s an special human that knows what´s his job in this world.

Even in Christmas he has contact with us, making big chains around the Christmas tree, wishing the best for everybody.

Last year we work together in "Climate Change", put this project in order wasn´t easy at all. His friendly, so many time teachers all over the world has problem and help one way or other
. He is not my true friend, but I would like to.

Miguel Jose Coradin 
ENO teacher
San Jose Obrero School


The Grenada National Commission for UNESCO, started our celebration of ENO Tree Planting Day in 2008, and has been able to inspire students in Grenada to plant trees through the Environment Online Programme that is coordinated by Mr. Mika Vanhanen.    The environment is key to our survival and this programme has raised an awareness of the importance of trees. It has also helped students to understand climate change and its effects on the environment.   

His programme is one of the most effective ways of reaching and motivating persons globally; Grenada will continue to assist Mr. Vanhanen with his drive and passion for the environment by planting trees every year.  His work can be seen on the websites;www.enoprogramme.org and www.enotreeday.net .

In this regard, we at the Grenada National Commission for UNESCO endorses the nomination of Mr. Mika Vanhanen,  as a candidate for Champions of the Earth by UNEP, in the category "Inspiration and action."   

Juelia Williams
Grenada National Commission for UNESCO


My full support to Mr. Mika Vanhanen as the candidate of Champions of the Earth 2011 in the category of inspiration and action.

Mika is an educator, 10 years ago had the great vision to create the ENO-Environment Online (www.enoprogramme.org), with an unparalleled environmental awareness and leadership, as a result, many teachers and students are motivated and participated in most of the world.

Thanks to his talent and contagious  leadership I can say that I have been fortunate to meet colleagues virtual friends in this way or skype and students have learned to dream of a better environment and interact with students from other countries which helps in their development and thus establish friendships and share their realities, needs and problems of their environments, and from this, they begin to reflect and make environmental awareness and change their habits, behaviors and propose actions for the environment.

On the other hand, thanks to the innovative vision, environmental education is developing in many parts of the world are studying the environmental dimension in perspective. In my country, Peru, and throughout the world, teachers have always been encouraged by Mika, especially for work on climate change, planting trees (biodiversity), ecological footprints. Also, use the Internet to keep abreast of the topics. Now, we create our own materials relating to our local problems, shared, discussed and sought alternative solutions together. These great ideas, motivational help our teachers and students to raise awareness for the environment and change both individual and collective attitudes.

ENO This program involves children, youth, seniors and local authorities as one team or global business community to take action and solve a common problem. For these reasons I think Mika deserves the award and become the Champion of the Earth 2011en its class

Best regards

Mg. Bárbara Matos Meléndez


Our organization’s National Coordinator had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Vanhenan in Japan during one of iEARN’s Global Conferences where we were invited to participate in ENO Environmental Projects, on her return home the announcement was made at our joint iEARNTnT/UNESCO Clubs meeting many of our teachers registered as the environment is key to our survival.

As a Global Youth Facilitator for the Natural Disasters Youth Summit since 2006 it was a natural link for me to follow and have participated ever since.

Let me say without a doubt that Mr. Vanhenan is a very strong supporter for the UNEP Environment’s Project having promoted it ‘s projects throughout the world encouraging us all to plant trees on International Peace Day, World Environment Day and any other day suitable to the respective country, we have participated in all projects promoted by ENO Finland.

At Finland’s hosting of ENO Environmental Conference in April 2008, he established ENO Africa, ENO Americas, ENO Asia, and named many Youth Environmental Agents, to assist him with his drive and passion for the environment.

I therefore have no hesitation in giving this testimony in support of Mr. Mika Vanhenan  as a true “Champion of the Earth”.

Abe Fergusson
Natural Disasters Youth Summit Ambassador                                                                                                          
National Advocacy Award Holder,                                                                                                       
WSIS/UNESCO World Summit Youth Award Holder 
ENO Environment Agent
Website: http://www.naturaldisastersiearntnt.org


I have been an ENO teacher since the program began 10 years ago.  In those years many of the students in my school have developed and awareness of environmental issues and how these relate to culture.  They have discussed these issues with students from all over the world.  I have taken students to three ENO conferences where they have lived with other students and learned that we are all the same.  Different languages, cultures but in the end they learned that these students have the same interests and concerns as they do.  This is a gift that Mika Vanhanen has provided through his tireless efforts.  No matter what obstacle is thrown in his way he continues and we have all benefited from this.  Mika is very deserving of this award.

Bill Meyers
ENO Teacher
Lafayette, Colorado

We have participated in the International Tree Planting and Peace Day for two years. This has been a great experience for our students. It was really exciting getting all of the e-mail from around the world. Mr Mika Vanhanen did an amazing job coordinating countries all over the world.  We say thank you to him and celebrate all of his work in this project which brings together diverse students from all over the world, and contributes to making our planet a better place environmentally.

Mary VanDerMeid
Poquonock Elementary School
Windsor,CT USA

Mika is an inspiring person who has been able to connect many people from all over the world to work collaboratively to save our environment. I have been working with since September 2009 in different environmental campaigns when I was teaching in Oman, and now I am participating with my students in Mississippi, USA. I really enjoy working with him and with his team. He is an innovative person who tries to implement technology and new applications (Facebook, blogs, online photo albums, etc) in the environmental field. 
Salim Al-Busaidi
Mississippi Valley State University 
Mississippi, USA