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Mr Mika Vanhanen  will be a good champion of the Earth for the year 2011. Through Mika Vanhanen  many people all over the world have developped  great envirronmental awareness through ''Tree Planting''. More than one hundred countries and thousand of schools are involved in the ENO programme that Mika is the founder and the coordinator. Through his great inspiration and action, there will be more precipitation, decrease in temperatures for the coming years hence forth reduction in hunger and amore peaceful world.

Ngouffo Grace
ENO coordinator


I am not astonished that MIKA was appointed as a candidat for Champions of the Earth 2011. He is really a champion and he has been worthy to be it by his great work in the field of environment because he is the one in this world who has succeeded in unting the schools/groups of the world through the environmenatal education of ENO programme.Today, many schools/groups of the world are involved in environment through ENO programme directed by MIKA. The schools/groups study the themes like: forest, water, climate change... The activities of tree planting and climate change of ENO programme are very successful. When I have told to schools/groups of CONGO RC that MIKA has been appointed as Champion of the Earth 2011, they have been in joy and their wish is MIKA be appointed UNEP director a day if possible.

So, what to say again, MiKA go ahead, the schools/groups of CONGO RC and from other countries are behind you, without forgetting all those who know ENO programme. MIKA, good luck for this monination, may the doors open to you and many success to ENO too. Let us work together for making green our planet.

Roll Matifath BOUESSO
ENO National Coordinator of CONGO RC







Dear sir/Madam,

I write to testimonial about Mika Vanhanen of Environment Online (ENO) Programme,  the Annual Tree Planting programme has became one of the BIGs school Tree Planting  in Ghana and the world today

I consider him a talented Men, with strong leadership competences, He takes initiative, and is good at generating/innovating ideas to chart a course and guiding/encouraging action towards achieving objectives. He is self confident, highly motivated, perseveres in his efforts to achieve goals. He is one around whom youth naturally aggregate and to whom many look up to, yet he is also well connected/networked, and positions himself to improve himself through learning from others.

In team settings he readily takes on assignments/responsibility, able to manage multiple tasks and stress due to work related and other pressures well. However he needs to improve his job load assessment capabilities and to learn to say no to some tasks, so as to keep within the limits of his capacity to deliver.

He is trustworthy, sincere and frank to Environment issues.  He has for pass year now shown remarkable interest in environment issues and has been exploring opportunities for collaborating with some other organizations (including Abibimman Foundation and Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change (GNYCCC) –where I work), to encourage adoption of the environment.  This personal qualities and reducing poverty in an environmentally sustainable way, and also working towards climate change issues

I am very confident in recommending him as a nominee of Champions of the Earth Award.

Kenneth Nana Amoateng
Abibimman Foundation
Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change (GNYCCC)
P.O.BOX BT 1 Tema
Flat 1/A 74 Site 3
(OPP T.DC),Commmunit 1


We have learned a lot from ENO and more so because of its flexibility. We can put all the learning in our own context regardless of where you live on this planet. That makes Mikas’ contribution special than many others .It is very accommodating and therefore involving a very big number of students and teachers across the globe

I am a teacher working with environmental on line (ENO) among students in Kenya. The major activity with the students is planting trees. In the past there was the tree planting campaign. In this campaign schools and every other institution have been planting trees. The trees would be a source of income, fuel, water catchments in some areas, wind breaker and thus checking on soil erosion just to mention a few. All these plus others are the benefits of tree planting as well as reducing the carbon dioxide in the air. 

I would put it that education for sustainability is a process which, enables people to understand the interdependence of all life on this planet, and the consequences that their actions may have both now and in the future on resources, as a community as well as their local one, and on the total environment. These decisions may involve various aspect of human life. Let may get to issues such as such as the economic, political, social, cultural, gender technological and environmental among others. Coming from the south this approach is more practical than the northern part.

Having  told the citizens to plant trees this and work is done ten years down the line a serious measure got to be taken in Kenya because sustainability was not considered while tree planting was going on. The eucalyptus trees were planted at water sources and near farm lands. The result is that rivers are drying up and the farms are no longer productive. Women have got to travel very far to get water for household use. The government had to come in advice people on how to get the indigenous trees at the water sources and river banks for the sustainability of the river. This is not just for that day but for the generations to come. A river in Kenya means quality life for a very big population just like any other resource available. Hence the issued of educating the population for sustainability is crucial. Planting trees is more than just an activity but life for today and tomorrow when looked at from a broader perspective.  

Ann Nganga  - Kenya 
ENO Director


I really missed the right word to talk about Mika's contribution to the environment protection. He was a great actors through the ENO program in the protection of the envronment though a thousand schools.
Nobody can deny his contribution he will be a tremendous actor in the protection of the environment mainly working with the schoos throughout the world. O think those who got Mika as an adviser  will be satisfied with the work he is doing.

Bamoussa Diarra LBAD


I write to vouch for Mika Vanhanen as a leader and initiator of Environment Online (ENO) Programme. This is a leading organization that has undertaken grassroots sensitization, awareness creation and mobilization for the sustainability of the environment. Through this programme, many governments including Nigeria has bought into the programme of Annual Tree Planting and other environmental related projects that has today became part of the school curricula.
     It could have been enough using information technology to mobilize people from all over the world to rise and join the global campaign, but Mika assembles over 2000 schools all over the world who also meet in Joensuu every year to review activities, discuss challenges and solutions, exhibit and interact thereby promoting understanding diversities and global peace.
     I therefore strongly recommend Mika Vanhanen for any award and recognition as a way of encouraging him to do more. He is ideed a dependable team player in environmental sustainability issues. 
He deserves even more.

Yours faithfully,
Ifeanyi Onah
ENO Co-ordinator, Nigeria
Ministry of Education, Enugu State, Nigeria.


Dear Sir,

 I write to recommend Mr Mika Vanhanen for the award he has been nominated for. I met Mika in 2008 last year when i joined ENO which MIka founded personally at a lot of cost in terms of time and his personal resources. Mika has connected millions of teachers and students all over the world and brought up environmental awareness in all these people. He has personally done this without any motivation from outside but within him. His love for the environment is second to none. As of this year from the time he formed ENO millions of trees have been planted all over the world.
There is therefore no better time to recognize Mika's contribution to the well being of the environment. He has personally inspired me to take studies in environmental management. He has also inspired a lot of people all over the world to take the issue of the detoriolating environment seriously.

Thanking you.

Lucas Chaebwa.
Republic of South Africa.


If people will not reliaze now what Mika is doing to save the life home which is environment , then history will tell. Why should we wait for history to tell?  while we physically see Mika's efforts world wide. However, all people does not appreciate, I alone will appreciate for Mika's work.
Godbless You Mika.
Jesca J.M. 
ENO-Tanzania Country co-ordinator.


I confirm that te most indicated person on that position is MIKA VANHANEN, 

Mika Vanhanen is the founder and coordinator of Environment Online – ENO.  Since 2000, ENO has been a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. It’s his life time achievement. In addition to all the implementation and work he has worked very hard in order to find the funding.

ENO has grown remarkably year after year, involving an ever larger number of countries, organizations  and people in a glocal enterprise that connects people globally to make a difference locally for the environment. Today there are about 6000 ENO schools in 150 countries. During the past nine years, hundreds of thousands of students and about 20 000 teachers in over 152 countries have studied and acted upon environmental issues through ENO activities. 

ENO Tree Planting Campaign was launched in 2004 and so far about 5 million trees have been planted by ENO schools.  Ambitious goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2017.

Music inspires. Mika Vanhanen is also a musician and composed songs for tree planting and battling against the climate change. He made music for ENO Tree Planting Play that has been translated into 40 languages.

ENO's holistic approach to sustainable development brings together local communities with global collaborative learning in a process that stimulates cultural dialogue, generosity, sharing and solidarity in favour of the poor and the digitally excluded. In this sense, ENO is a real and effective agent for human development.

ENO is the result of the dream, motivation and determination of an individual who has been able to mobilize others across the planet. Its success lies in the richness of spirit of Mika Vanhanen and of all those who have joined him to create a new reality of particular value for teachers and students from developing countries. 

ENO-TOGO Coordinator


 Mika Vanhanen, the founder and coordinator of Environmental OnLine (ENO) a motivator and a source of inspiration to the ENO family since its inception in 2000.

The tree planting which the main activity in ENO has occupied a prominent position in schools calender.Our pupils have become role model in the communities they live on environmental matters.

As a leader, Mika 'walks the talks' and is focussed towards meeting the goals of the organisation.Through ENO, peoples of the world have been united cutting across political and social barriers.

Mika deserves the ' Champions of the Earth award because he has proved that he is dedicated to the cause of mother Earth.

Melvin Kasontobwa