in Turkey

Dear Madam/Sir,

In today's world I think environmental issues are the most important subjects. So many people still don't have or take attention how major challenges the human being face to. To create the awareness of this issue, teachers take part in very important role. I strongly believe that ENO succeeds taking attention of so many people. There are so many teachers from different countries works for creating awareness of environmental matters. These teachers gathered together thanks to ENO.

The idea of creating pedagocial platform about environmental issues is totally great. For me ENO has a major important meaning. After I met ENO, my awareness about environment also increased. Thanks to ENO me and my students planted over 200 trees. We started to pay attention recycling. Last year my school became well-known about environmental activities. For me I had chance to meet so many colleagues from different countries. I took part twice ENO meeting in Finland. In this meeting I had chance to find a Comenius partner and now we're doing Comenius project about environment and culture.

Mika Vanhanen is the one of the most hardworking teacher that I have ever met. He's the person who created the ENO and works for it very hard. His contributions to education of environment are priceless. I would like to say him my best regards and wishes. He really deserves to have the award of Champions of Earth.

Best wishes...
Asli Tehmen Sari
Batisoke Cimento Primary School