in Sweden

Letter of Appreciation

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen at ENO – organization in Finland. 

I am chairperson of the internationally operating Life-Link Friendship-Schools program, that now involves 650 schools in 80 countries all continents.  

The Life-Link program promotes concrete peace/care actions to be performed by students at and around their schools, with the aim of bringing youth world-wide into awareness and constructive behaviour for Society and Planet Sustainability.

One of the popular actions that are performed by many classes world-wide is Tree Planting, connected to Biology and Social studies. 

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Mr Mika Vanhanen from Finland and the ENO-program as an inspiration for the Life-Link action on Tree Planting. Life-Link will be glad to continue the collaboration with ENO and Mr Vanhanen, at least during the second half of the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014 as declared by UNESCO. 

Uppsala Sweden  09 November 2009
Hans Levander

Chairperson Life-Link