in South Africa

Dear Sir,

 I write to recommend Mr Mika Vanhanen for the award he has been nominated for. I met Mika in 2008 last year when i joined ENO which MIka founded personally at a lot of cost in terms of time and his personal resources. Mika has connected millions of teachers and students all over the world and brought up environmental awareness in all these people. He has personally done this without any motivation from outside but within him. His love for the environment is second to none. As of this year from the time he formed ENO millions of trees have been planted all over the world.
There is therefore no better time to recognize Mika's contribution to the well being of the environment. He has personally inspired me to take studies in environmental management. He has also inspired a lot of people all over the world to take the issue of the detoriolating environment seriously.


Thanking you.

Lucas Chaebwa.
Republic of South Africa.