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A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen from Slovenia

Slovene ENO teachers believe Mr Mika Vanhanen is the best possible choice for the reward Champion of the World!

Mr Mika Vanhanen is a living proof that everything is possible and that every human being is needed if we want to make a change! Now when we feel that the world and all its values are falling apart the children of the Earth deserve all our firmness, strength and above all – our sincere belief that we know what we are doing and where we are going. To be a teacher has always been a spiritual privilege but now the teachers from all over the world often feel we're drowning in an ocean of insignificant and bureaucratic work which weakens us and draws us away from our most important mission – opening the children's eyes and touching their hearts.

Mika Vanhanen with his vision, knowledge, artistic approach, his charisma and above all – his heart, is constantly proving that only the sky is the limit! He's returning us to simple and sincere methods but at the same time gently forces us to use them in combination with new technologies. He teaches us that the world needs every single human being but that we have to step together, because no-one manages alone. He's constantly reminding us that the art is the strongest weapon! He is proving that the words are precious only if they're followed by actions. With him we are aware that we are responsible for our acting – and also for not acting! His colleagues ENO teachers believe him and we know that he believes in us – this makes us invincible! How else could we plant thousands of trees and reach such goals as we did? With him we are part of the solution and not part of the problem!

Teachers of the world need him because he's the captain of our crew. The children need devoted teachers and the Earth needs happy children.

And you? What do you need?

Best regards,  
Darinka Orel,  
National ENO coordinator for Slovenia 
OŠ Polhov Gradec, Polhov Gradec 95, 1355 Polhov Gradec, Slovenia