in Slovakia

Dear Madam/Sir,

Mr. Vanhanen has been nominated as candidate for  Champions of the Earth 2010.

I strongly recommend him for this award because he really acts as a champion of the Earth. He is a coordinator of ENO Programme, which connects online children, young people, teachers and other adults all over the world. We joined this programme in 2007 with the “tree planting” event. Since then awareness of environmental issues has grown among all the pupils in our school and their families. We recycle more, try to save water, electricity.

For me ENO is of great importance, because we can see that our local problems are really global and that there are hundreds of teachers teaching children how to help to save our planet. And all this is because of Mr. Vanhanen and his dedicatiom for environment and love for people and nature.

He really is the right person to have this award.

Yours faithfully

Veronika Špaková
ENO teacher
Poprad, Slovakia