in Romania

Dear Sir / Madam

I'm glad I was able to recommend and support with all the heat application MIKA Mr Vanhanen, coordinator ENO-Environment program for CHAMPION AWARD OF EARTH.

Perhaps the earth could be saved if there were such people as Mr Mika. People who care about them the future of our planet, our children's future. Actions that we develop through this program our students on-line help save the planet and at the same time the formation of responsible citizen. Think globally and act locally is the motto for the purpose of educating the young generation in the spirit of love for nature and mankind. The topics presented, planting trees, drop life are solutions to acute problems faced by countries around the world: climate change, global warming, water resources, forests and endangered species.

Mr. Mika is the glue of the Earth needs to survive. Glue that connects people to save Earth. Or, why not, is one of his angels. I can say that is supported by all responsible citizens of the city of Iasi and Romania.  So, Mr. Mika Vanhanen has to be one of the champions of the Earth Award! 

teacher Alecu Russo School

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I am one of teachers who did so many things under ENO program,  he inspire me to work on developing and promotion of environmental protection.

Mika Vanhanen has made it possible, what no-one  would have been able to imagine, he has  created an international network of thousands of children to implement our ethical responsibility  for survival of forest, for survival of lungs of our planet.

My and my students highly appreciate his contribution for sustainable  development and  global ethic and recommend him to receive “Champions of the Earth” Award . 

Dancila Alina
" Silviu Carpinisianu" School

Sebes, Romania

We are happy that we had the privilege to participate in activities organized by Mr Mika : planting of trees accompanied the game and song , climate change activities.I had the opportunity to learn from him several methods of teaching environmental education : practical activities, plays, creating posters and essays. I had the opportunity to learn from him how to use various ICT facilities too.

Mr. Mika was still a person with a wealth of valuable ideas in terms of environmental issues and sustainable development organization.I think Mr. Mika is a champion of the Earth.

Ms. Anamaria Golumbeanu
Professor of mathematics
Head of Science Department
Chief of the Evaluation and quality assurance of education committee
School no 14 "Ion Tuculescu", Craiova, Romania

Dear Sir/Madame,

Peace, responsability, talent, cooperation, inspiration are only a few words that characterize the whole work of Mr.Mika.Above all, a true sincere dedication for nature and environment.

He succeeded in all his actions because he really believes in what he says,and what is very important,he doesn't just talk,but ACTS! He convinced so many people,teenagers and adults all over the world that environment is vital and only together we can save the planet.

His message is spread in so many ways,his songs became our students'favourites and it;s easier for them to understand.

We,the Sports High School, Iasi-Romania really appreciate Mr,Mika's  good work and we strongly support his candidature for the Champion of the Earth Award.

Iasi,8th November
Teacher Alina Suna
The Sports High School Iasi

From my point of view,MIKA is our  ENO "angel"coming on the earth for healing the environment of the whole world!A very strong person,a UNIQUE one,who coordinates thousands of teachers,for an universal "cause"!I appreciate MIKA from all my heart,for all his activity and hard-working for many years!He deserves a big prize,like NOBEL PRIZE for such a UNIQUE WORK for the world!

Mrs.Cornelia Alexandru-Braila,Romania

hI mikka,

I'm CARMEN OLTEANU, from Rasinari-Romania and I acn congratulate me to join your project since 2006. The play Drops of life at my school was the first public issue on the subject of ,the environmental problems and also was the first step in order to act, act and act untill things will be better for our life on this earth.. Me and my staff and also students are all very motivated and pleased to work together with you and the whole gropu you succed to make all over the world.

Best regards


Carmen Olteanu
director Scoala "Sava Popovici Barcianu" Rasinari-Sibiu, Romania

It is amazing how Mika can connect people and schools from all over the world. Environmental problems are becoming more serious in our days when the world is threatened by so many dangers. Mika’s activity to make the world a “better place”, his devotion to this cause and his amazing “power” to make us act for the same cause and connect people make him a real model. I wish him good luck in this activity!

 Gabriela Barca, ESL teacher
Sibiu, Romania

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen

We have learned from Mr Mika Vanhanen that we could not have a happy planet only if we take care of it by protecting the environment with all that it means, by respecting the nature and leave it safe for the next generations.

Now, I want to say, like other participants to Mr Mika Vanhanen's projects, that he had done a great job for the Protection of the Environment recognized by its value and he deserve to receive the *Champions of the Earth* prize.

Have a beautiful day!

Oana Pentea
Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr. 2 Timisoara

Dear Sir/Madam


Mika Vanhanen is coordinator of ENO and send us un invitation to ENO Tree Planting Day -2008.Thanks to him ,we planted 20 threes in the yard of our school: Scoala Generala nr.31 Brasov-Romania. Mika send us many messages about climate changes,three planting day,songs translated in our language. Mika Vanhanen mobilises many students and theachers around the world to act upon environmental issues through ENO activities.


Therefore I support Mika Vanhanen ,coordinator of ENO for Champion Award of Earth.


Teacher Giossanu Adriana Tatiana

Scoala Generala nr.31 Brasov-Romania