in Republic of Macedonia

Dear all!

It is a big pleasure to nominate a person who is working more than 10 years on environmental protection's field. I am very glad to express my impressions of his work. He ,,touched" so many teachers and students with his enthusiasm. He inspired me to work on developing and promotion of environmental protection, since I met him.

I am one of the teachers who did so many things under ENO program, which is lead by Mr. Mika Vanhanen. He did a miracle! He connected the skin colours, religions, ages, knowledge in one, in ENO. This bound is so strong because the love to our nature is common for all of us, the ENO-s.

I do believe that he is deserving a world recognition for his dedicated work, and that YOU WILL BELIEVE IT, TOO!

Best regards

Natalija Aceska
ENO EUROPE coordinator
Lenin 122
Prilep, Macedonia