in Portugal

I am writing to express my wish to see Mr Mika Vanhanen's great job for the Protection of the Environment recognized by its value and to receive the prize of Champions of the Earth by UNEP. I have been working with Mika Vanhannen since 2007 and I've witnessed his value. I am a teacher in the centre of Portugal. I've met him at the OECD Conference in Helsinki in October 2008. I am sure that his work has been improving the quality of LIFE in the WORLD. My great wish is to see his work recognized.

Thank you very much

Isabel Serra

I'm a teacher in the north of Portugal. I have been work with Mika vanhanen since 2008, but I  believe Mr. Mika deserves it because he really acts as a champions of the Earth. He has an exemplified leadership, vision and action for the environment.  He has been encouraging people all over the world to be aware about the environment using the internet, as a resource,  to connect people all around the world.

We need more people like him if we want protect the earth and all 'living beings'. Please give him this award! He really earns it!

From Portugal
Fernanda Freitas

Dear Mika
Your programme was like a drop of rain in a dry leaf. You've made us do " what's necessary and what's possible" . Thank you for your commitment in the earth's causes. Thanks to you we now are more aware and prepared to help. We wish you win the Earth Award- you really deserve it!

Best wishes

Leonor Marques (Escola Secundária de Vilela-Portugal)