in Nigeria

I write to vouch for Mika Vanhanen as a leader and initiator of Environment Online (ENO) Programme. This is a leading organization that has undertaken grassroots sensitization, awareness creation and mobilization for the sustainability of the environment. Through this programme, many governments including Nigeria has bought into the programme of Annual Tree Planting and other environmental related projects that has today became part of the school curricula.
It could have been enough using information technology to mobilize people from all over the world to rise and join the global campaign, but Mika assembles over 2000 schools all over the world who also meet in Joensuu every year to review activities, discuss challenges and solutions, exhibit and interact thereby promoting understanding diversities and global peace.
I therefore strongly recommend Mika Vanhanen for any award and recognition as a way of encouraging him to do more. He is ideed a dependable team player in environmental sustainability issues.
He deserves even more.

Yours faithfully,
Ifeanyi Onah
ENO Co-ordinator, Nigeria
Ministry of Education, Enugu State, Nigeria.