in Malaysia

It was in 2007 , i was introduced to ENO by UNEP when we in Malaysia started to plant tress for the Billion Tree Campaign. Later we joined ENO and Mika was our role model in the tree planting activities. I told Mika that my school kids would plant 1 million trees to support ENO and Mika for the Billion Tree Campaign. April 2008 i joined the ENO Conference in Finland and there Mika and myself made a declaration of 100 million trees to be planted by ENO School Network by 2017.
The offical launch was held in our school - SMK Teloi Kanan , Kuala Ketil , Kedah , Malaysia on 5th June 2008 for ENO school network. And infact we also had the chance to participate in Life Video Conferencing with United National for Climate Change Campaign and Mika gave the honour to our school to represent Asia for this video conferencing and this took our school to National Level and International level on environmental work .
We have promoted the nobel work of our ENO Environment Champion all over the world and to my suprise some 3 thousand schools in Indonesia joined us for tree planting work this year and also this network was because of MIKA the great man on earth. The next big tree planting event will take place in Aceh - once badly hit by tsunami in 2004 and more schools in Indonesia are waiting for our Mika to team up with ENO Schools in Indonesia to plant trees there.
Our Malaysian school kids with locals have contributed a lot for tree planting on the Billion Tree Campaign and also this is to one ENVIRONMENTAL HERO by the name of Mika and he is our mother earth champion indeed.

ENO Asia Coordinator / Malaysia

I'm S.M.Ramesh from Penang, Malaysia. I first meet Mr. Mike at ENO programme 2009 in Finland. I was very impressed with his commitment towards the world enviroment. I hope the world will recognise him because his hardwork and contribution towards the enviroment. We(ENO members) will always with him to do something for the world.  I sincerely congrats him for his hardwork.