in Israel

Dear Mme/Sir, I am glad to recommend Mr. Mika Vanhanen, coordinator of "ENO - Environment On Line" ( a global collaborative web school for environmental awareness and sustainable development, as a candidate for Champions of the Earth Award.

I have been working with Mika since the inception of ENO in 2000. It was Mika's initiative to start an international project in order to bring to life his vision about environment and nature preservation using the Internet as the principal way to learn, teach and communicate collaboratively, under the motto "Think globally and Act locally". Aiming to educate the young generation in the spirit of love for nature and humanity, the themes presented deal with acute problems faced by countries all over the world: global warming, climate change, water resources, forests and endangered species, ecological footprint. The social and cultural impact on the local level of the specific countries is always emphasized.

In an attempt to add action to the learning processes Mr. Vanhanen extended the project by an annual event of trees planting days, followed by The Drops of Life, a play that advocates for cooperation on environmental protection through tree planting initiatives. Looking for partnerships with youth organizations, local leaders, Ministries of Education he works tireless. He appealed to young audiences to act, address local authorities and be involved in investment for the future. This is the illustration of Mr. Vanhanen's vision that only collective efforts of governments, organizations and civil society can establish sustainable development globally.

Mr. Vanhanen dedicated the last 10 years to ENO, expanding its message and reaching thousands of schools in all continents. His vision, his leadership and his beneficial influence in working towards a better future make him a very adequate candidate for "Champions of the Earth Award". I highly recommend him as a nominee of Champions of the Earth Award


Dr. Carmella B. Baranga
Coordinator for International Learning Projects
Ministry of Education,

Dear Sirs,

It is both an honor and privilege for me to write this testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen founder of the  ENO Programme -Finland.(

Mika has been working with thousands of schools around the globe and is most worthy of this prestigious award. He truly is a champion of the earth, a warm caring individual who is making a difference through the power of the Internet and  his work. One has only to look at this website to see the wonderful learning that is taking place.

His work is now being implemented around the world through his environmental themes such as the place we live in , our nature, the way we lead our lives and this is our cultures.

For more than 10 years Mika has given his knowledge and global collaboration to so many teachers and children . I would love to see Mika win this award for his ENO Environment online program.
He is most worthy,

With much thanks,
Marsha Goren