in Iran

Dear friends,

lets talk about Mr. Mika Vanhanen, ENO coordinator who has devoted around 10 years of his life passing the message including global issues to the youth around the world. He usually sends two or three Emails a week for members.The distinguished point is that he carefully follows up how the projects are performed by schools. Although preparing such amount of information and photos  is really time consuming, he has never stopped his activities in any condition. The evidence of this is Eno annual conferences(even in world financial cricis) involving hundreds of students and teachers from different countries with different cultures  

ENO Science Festival has created a wonderful sense of researching on solving global issues among the youth.    In my country Iran, many organizations have heard about ENO and follow its instructions.We owe our new stablished school with all SD standards to ENO. Iranian students motto is: JOIN ENO, SAVE THE PLANET

We hope that Mr. Mika's hard work be appreciated fairly.

Best regards,
Molook Khadivi,
Iran Eno coordinator.