in Indonesia

Dear Champions of the earth team
I am really happy to hear that Mika Vanhanen has been nominated as a candidate for champions of the earth.

The first time I visited Mika's ENO project websites was about six years ago. It was really inspired me to join in and implement the project in with my students in Ciputra School Surabaya, and Environmental Education teacher network accross Indonesia. I've learned a lot from him. His spirit has encouraged me to keep up my spirit on environmental education as well.

We made lots of  difference by joining his project. We have changed our knowledge, perspective, and skills about  environmental education.

Mika even pays attention to every single ENO Teacher. I remember he sent condolences when Tsunami and other natural disasters attacked my country and  sent me birthday wishes through facebook. He is really my inspirator, my teacher and my friend at the same time.

When I started to be a project coordinator for some environmental education and education for sustainable development activities in Indonesia, then Mika became my model. Thank you Mika. You are really a champion of the earth.

Stien J. Matakupan
Sampoerna School of Education