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A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen

We strongly support Mr. Mika for Candidacy for the champions of the Earth by UNEP. He is a practical, true spirited, sincere, dedicated, clean image action hero of the   plant for the planet and its people (especially plant for India and Indians).

Mr. Mika, ENO Founder, is a great source of inspiration & action for environment education and tree plantation among school children, (tribal, dalit children and women) especially in India. By his inspiration, we are taking part in UNEP Billion tree campaign and reaching un-reached children, youth, women and communities  with environment education and tree plantation at grass root level in our country.

His approaches pro-poor, pro-nature, pro-children, youth& women, pro-education through the action–orientation,  participatory and positive methods.  His work as founder of ENO-programme empowering children, youth, women educationally, culturally,  economically and mainly environmentally. His work is really contributing towards sustainable environment and development in India.

Because of Mr. Mika’s great inspirational message of UNEP billion tree plantation campaign, we celebrated our independence day with tree plantations (in future also). We have decided to celebrate every occasion with tree plantation now and future also. We resolved in our school executive body. Every second Saturday is an ENO-tree plantation in India. Billions trees campaign pledge turned into action by many schools, youth associations, teachers association, women self help groups and some dalit communities  through ENO-India which is the brain child of Mr. Mika. Eno-India is bright torch for us in environment education and tree plantation.

He taught us the message environment is a daily, weekly, monthly process ,gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures with eco-solutions.

The small step of environment journey started from Finland with ENO-Programme now it has become billions of steps in many countries. ENO programme is a world wide programme connecting many people, regions, many nations and many continents.

Mr.Mika is an Icon of environment education and pioneer in UNEP billion trees campaign in India. His services in the field of environment are secondary to none.

ENO-India whole heartedly supports Mr. Mika’ for candidacy for the Champions of the Earth by UNEP. We trust he is the right person and right choice for the Candidacy for the champions of the Earth by UNEP.

Hoping for the best

Mr. A.David Brainard
Coordinator- NGOs net work in India
Faculty adviser MUN( Model United Nations)

It has been since 10 years that a man on this planet feels lost. He feels himself in a fix,  whether to follow the world or the instinct beneath his skin. He looks at the world… the very mad world who understands that bricks & stones, air conditioners and other goods of luxury are the sole aim of life, even at the cost of killing the Mother Nature. Manufacturing alternatives of the Natural Things as achievements of human beings. The more the material, the more the richness. We are writing about Mr. Mika Vanhanen. Even being in a small job of a teacher in Finland, he dreamed of the planet earth including the environment around it. So wonderful. He not only thought over but went in action while stealing the working hours from his sleep time. He won the world in-with-in first and then extended his arms throughout the world. Today no country is there which have not got the message of Mr. Mika to protect the environment while planting more trees, avoiding the pollutions and living in the tune of  Mother Nature. He is the man who sowed the seed and now the saplings are blooming everywhere to greet the young generation with the very green world but even then… thousands miles to go.  


Sukhjinder Singh


SASA India
Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy
Residential School (Both for Boys & Girls)
Simran Nagar, Morinda Road,
Roopnagar - 140001