in Grenada

Testimonial for Mr. Mika Vanhanen

The Grenada National Commission for UNESCO, started our celebration of ENO Tree Planting Day in 2008, and has been able to inspire students in Grenada to plant trees through the Environment Online Programme that is coordinated by Mr. Mika Vanhanen.    The environment is key to our survival and this programme has raised an awareness of the importance of trees. It has also helped students to understand climate change and its effects on the environment.   

His programme is one of the most effective ways of reaching and motivating persons globally; Grenada will continue to assist Mr. Vanhanen with his drive and passion for the environment by planting trees every year.  His work can be seen on the websites; and .

In this regard, we at the Grenada National Commission for UNESCO endorses the nomination of Mr. Mika Vanhanen,  as a candidate for Champions of the Earth by UNEP, in the category "Inspiration and action."  

Juelia Williams
Grenada National Commission for UNESCO