in Ghana

Dear sir/Madam,

I write to testimonial about Mika Vanhanen of Environment Online (ENO) Programme,  the Annual Tree Planting programme has became one of the BIGs school Tree Planting  in Ghana and the world today

I consider him a talented Men, with strong leadership competences, He takes initiative, and is good at generating/innovating ideas to chart a course and guiding/encouraging action towards achieving objectives. He is self confident, highly motivated, perseveres in his efforts to achieve goals. He is one around whom youth naturally aggregate and to whom many look up to, yet he is also well connected/networked, and positions himself to improve himself through learning from others.

In team settings he readily takes on assignments/responsibility, able to manage multiple tasks and stress due to work related and other pressures well. However he needs to improve his job load assessment capabilities and to learn to say no to some tasks, so as to keep within the limits of his capacity to deliver.

He is trustworthy, sincere and frank to Environment issues.  He has for pass year now shown remarkable interest in environment issues and has been exploring opportunities for collaborating with some other organizations (including Abibimman Foundation and Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change (GNYCCC) –where I work), to encourage adoption of the environment.  This personal qualities and reducing poverty in an environmentally sustainable way, and also working towards climate change issues

I am very confident in recommending him as a nominee of Champions of the Earth Award.

Kenneth Nana Amoateng
Abibimman Foundation
Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change (GNYCCC)
P.O.BOX BT 1 Tema
Flat 1/A 74 Site 3
(OPP T.DC),Commmunit 1

Dear sir/madam

                      it is my pleasure to share to you the wonderful work  of  Mika, who has really brought peace and inspiration to Africa and the world as a whole.....he is honest, open minded, trustworthy and has a sense of humor,we have gain alot from him and have also use that to help the less fortunate who might lack the wonderful ideas he shared with us.......i stand tall to vote him the best man to bring inspiration and peace to Ghana and Africa as a whole. we hope our concern will be put into action for him to be honored for the good work he has done over the years.thank you


Raphael  Darko