in Chile

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen

In This Country (Chile) and the city Arica, Mr. Mika Vanhanen inspires us to work about take care the environment. We are working from 2007 -2009 and more, with students and parents.

Year to year we will be continue, because “He is a very good Leader”

Teachers- Gladys Hernandez P.
Maria Ester Colque
Lucy Fernández Angel (
Ana Maria Soto Madariaga (
Ivette Chavera (
Leonor Flores
Claudio B.R. Huerta (
Maria Ester Azua(
Susana Ruiz (
Raúl Jiménez (
Elizabeth Trigo (

Gladys Hernández Parra
Profesora de Biología
Magister en educación
FONE 56-58-223924
CEL 09-98495549