in Belarus

A testimonial for Mr Mika Vanhanen

Mika Vanhanen is a creator of ENO, its leader and soul. His devotion to the idea of better environment and his boundless enthusiasm inspire thousands of people to work together. Mika spends a lot of time and energy on making serious global problems easily comprehensible to children. He is a very talented teacher who knows how to involve children in fascinating activities and make them believe they can make a difference in the world. His virtual environmental school with full schedule and detailed plans for every week deserves high praise and support of people whose job is bringing up future generations.

Mika Vanhanen has a gift for organizing global events. He gives a sign and people all over the world start planting trees or marching with frogs at the same time or come to Joensuu to meet virtual schoolmates in real life and share experience.  Three of my students and I are lucky to know this noble man personally. Thanks to Mika we attended Joensuu Way 2009 and we watched him working. He works in a team of friends (former students) and colleagues with no haste but with great concentration. As a result everything goes right and everyone feels comfortable. Joensuu Way 2009 is a great success!

Incredible creativity, firm determination to strive for better life on the planet and exceptional ability to inspire people make Mika Vanhanen the best among others.

Tatyana Stefanyuk,
Gymnasium 12,
Minsk, Belarus