in Argentina

Dear Sir or Madam:

Mr Mika Vanhanen is an educator and musician, with enormous environmental consciousness to the point that 10 years ago had the vision to create the ENO-Environment Online (, our current virtual school teachers and students who participated in almost everyone.

Thanks to his extraordinary vision I can tell you that I have virtual friends in nearly 90 countries by skype my students interact with students from several countries and this helps them to establish bonds of friendship, understanding environmental problems and above all beginning to TAKE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS and change their habits.

Thanks to the environmental vision of Mika today in many parts of the world are studying environmental issues from another perspective, with interviews, we generated our own materials on our local problems, we share, discuss and seek solutions together. So there are always creative ideas that motivate both teachers and students to raise awareness of the environment and habits change. For these reasons I think that Mika is a Champion of the Earth.

I send my comments on the work performed by Mika and the reasons why I believe it is a Champion of the Earth

Best regards.

Ana Prieto
ENO Argentina
CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica
Ruta 61 - Km. 10
8371 Junin de los Andes - ARGENTINA